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These Email Etiquette Tips Will Make You Sound Professional and Amicable

If you’re looking for the latest information on business-related matters, we have you covered with these tips on the proper email etiquette. Sure, email makes it easier for people to communicate across a virtual space, but there are wrong ways to approach these digitized letters. So, the next time you’re ready to press send on an email, keep these suggestions in mind.

Be polite.

Since email is associated with speedy communication, it is tempting to be as short and to the point as possible. In an email format, however, this can come across as curt and rude. When composing correspondence, include a salutation to the recipient, the clear introduction of the subject matter, and a proper signing off, even if it’s not as formal as “sincerely

Be discreet.

Email is easily sent and resent to any number of recipients. Keep this in mind when you compose your message. Don’t say anything in an email that you would not want to be shared with others because it very well might be. Gossip, personal information, and other private topics don’t belong in an email and should be reserved for one-on-one conversations.  

Be considerate.

Email is a wonderful way to communicate with loved ones. However, there are instances when sending an email is not appropriate. As a rule of thumb, don’t email anyone with matters that you wouldn’t want to discuss in an email yourself. Discussions about finances, relationships, or family matters warrant a phone call. If you’re in doubt, simply pick up the phone and call before anything else.  

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