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High Electric Bill? Here is How to Lower Your Amount Due Next Month

Bills—we all dislike them, but they need to be paid in full and on time regardless of our feelings. While paying bills can be stressful, there are ways to lower certain bills, and one is your electricity! Check out our tips below for saving on your power bill, especially since you’re at home more often during this time of recommended social distancing.

1. Replace air filters regularly. Dirty air filters make your HVAC system work harder to circulate air, which increases your electric bill. Filters with higher MERV ratings help filter the air better.

2. Monitor water heater temperatures. If your apartment has its own water heater, consider turning the temperature down while everyone is away so that it’s not heating unneeded water.

3. Be laundry smart. Use your washer, dryer and water heater less by washing larger loads at a time. Use even less energy by washing in cold water.

4. Be energy efficient with your lighting. Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) are a little pricier upfront, but have a longer lifespan and use less energy.

5. Smart power strips prevent electronics from wasting electricity when you’re not using them by turning them completely off when they go into standby mode.

6. Switch both lights and ceiling fans off when you leave the room.

7. Adjust your thermostat. Don’t waste your energy dollars cooling or heating an empty apartment. Give your HVAC system a break by adjusting your thermostat to 80 degrees in the summer and 62 degrees in the winter when you leave for the day.

8. Be kitchen smart. Use the microwave for cooking rather than the stove. Use the oven at night so your A/C won’t work as hard during the day. Turn off the heat-dry setting on your dishwasher.

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