These Insightful Ideas Will Help You Repurpose Your Used Household Goods for a Greener Lifestyle

Are you looking to live a greener lifestyle? We wouldn’t doubt it for a second! Maybe, you feel slightly guilty that the average American produces thousands of pounds of trash per year, or perhaps, you’re just hoping to contribute more significantly to the fight against climate change. Either way, it’s always best to reuse or repurpose certain household items, as opposed to tossing them after a single-use. Not sure where to get started? Here are four of our suggestions below.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are vital for giving your clothes that just-washed feeling, while also reducing static commonly produced in the dryer. Most people use one or even two dryer sheets per load, but did you know that they’re just as effective when cut in half? Dryer sheets can also be reused at least once. That's four loads of laundry for the price of one!

Coffee Filters

You likely pull out a fresh coffee filter every time you make a cup of morning joe. However, most coffee filters can be reused at least four or five times before they stop working effectively. When you’re finished using your coffee filter, remove the grounds, rinse off the filter, allow it to dry, and set it aside to reuse later.

Citrus Rinds

Citrus rinds are rich in natural oils that smell amazing in your home! Take the rinds from citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, and boil them in hot water on the stove for a fresh-smelling house. You can also infuse a solution of vinegar and water with citrus rinds for a fragrant cleaner you can make at home with dollar store ingredients.

Candle Jars

Once you’ve burned through your favorite candle, don’t simply toss the glass container! Candles come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own recyclable purpose. Larger glass containers can store food in bulk, while smaller jars with lids are perfect for coffee, loose tea, and spices. They can also be repurposed as bathroom storage for Q-tips and cotton balls or make for a trendy cocktail glass.

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