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Looking to Overcome the Summer Quarantine Blues? Check Out These Hiking Tips for Beginners

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Who couldn’t use more exercise, especially in a world where going to the gym has become increasingly hazardous for the time being? If your state has special sanctions in place, or you don’t feel safe enough to return to the gym quite yet, there are other alternatives to your usual fitness routine – like hiking. Hiking allows you to get outdoors and explore the beauty of nature. Plus, since you’re a Houston resident, there are plenty of nearby trails right outside of the city.

Hiking, however, isn’t any stroll in the park. As a hiker, you’ll have to learn how to prepare before setting out, what to expect along the way, and why safety practices are needed to enjoy yourself! Check out a few of our tips below:

Avoid Hiking Alone – It’s pretty crucial to hike alongside a companion, whether it’d be your partner, brother, or best friend, for safety reasons. By traveling with at least one other person at your side, you can better deter wild animals, be there in support if one of you is injured, or can help one another stand in the way of any other dangers along the way.

Know Your Limits – Everyone has a different level of fitness capabilities – maybe, you’re used to rigorous workouts with your trainer, or perhaps, you’re just getting started in being more active. Whatever your situation, it’s important to be mindful of your limits. Hiking is hard than it looks – think tumultuous dusty trails in lieu of smooth, paved sidewalks. If you’re a beginner, don’t push yourself too hard!

Pack Smart – When hiking, you want to have all the essentials on-hand, but you also don’t want your bag to weigh 50-pounds. Keep the items you bring along limited –first aid kits, sunscreen, bug spray, water, etc. –and set boundaries with yourself and others. Sure, you want to have everything you need easily at your disposal, yet it has to be manageable and not pre-maturely tire you out.

Check the Forecast – Rain, rain, go away… if it’s raining, you might want to delay your hiking excursion for your own safety and sanity. That’s why you should check the weather forecast before heading out to the hiking trail for the day. We live in the Southeast region of the country after all, and it can get rather stormy during our summers. No one wants to get stuck in a muddy, slippery, or even dangerous mess!

Tell Someone Before You Leave – We saved the most important tip for last! Anything can go wrong during a hike – c’mon did you ever watch James Franco in the true-to-life story, “127 Hours?” You can injure yourself, get lost, or encounter dangerous animals or terrain. It’s an absolute must to notify a family member or close friend of your plans before you head on your merry way.

It’s always exciting to spice up your daily routine with something new! That’s why Westmount at Copper Mill Apartments in Houston, Texas encourages you to try out our weekly recipes, crafts, and lifestyle tips.

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